British Household Panel Survey

General Information

Data type Survey data: Longitudinal/panel/cohort
Country UK
Years 1991-2009
Data depositor University of Essex. Institute for Social and Economic ResearchOffice for National StatisticsNorthern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
Principal investigator University of Essex. Institute for Social and Economic Research
Analysis unit Individuals and households -People aged 16 years and over and household members
Spatial unit Counties (Metropolitan)CountriesGovernment Office RegionsGreater LondonRegions
Sampling method Two-stage stratified systematic sample
Data collection method Face-to-face interview; Telephone interview; Self-completion
Weight Yes
Access UK Data Service
Reference number SN 5151
Available documentation
Notes There are 18 'waves' of the BHPS. They include one-off, ad-hoc modules on particular subjects of interest. Because it is a household panel survey this data may be particularly useful for researching home-based business. As it is panel data it may allow longitudinal analysis. The BHPS is now part of the Understanding Society Survey (the UK Household Longitudinal Survey).

Variable Information - About the business

Number of employees in business Yes
Legal status of business No
VAT registration status No
Annual turnover No
Type of business Not specified
Number of clients No
Home based Yes
Home-based measurement 1 At home, From your own home
Survey Response items 1 Where do you mainly work? Is it . . .
Home-based measurement 2
Survey Response items 2

Variable Information - About the owner

Self employed Yes
Employee director Yes
Employs others Yes
Subcontractor Yes