Flash Eurobarometer Surveys on Entrepreneurship

General Information

Data type Survey data
Country EU member states plus selected other countries
Years 2002-present
Data depositor European Commission
Principal investigator European Commission
Analysis unit Self-employed individuals
Spatial unit Country mostly, but some datasets at regional level
Sampling method Random sample
Data collection method Survey
Weight No
Access European Union Open Data Portal
Reference number Flashbarometer 83; 107; Flashbarometer 134; Flashbarometer 146; Flashbarometer 192; Flashbarometer 283; Flashbarometer 354;
Cost No
Available documentation https://open-data.europa.eu/en/data/dataset?tags=entrepreneurship
Notes The Flash Eurobarometer Surveys are a series of surveys regularly conducted by the European Commission on a very wide range of topics so as to assess sentiment across the European Union. One of the topics that has been covered on several occasions is entrepreneurship. Particularly useful for microbusiness research may be Flashbarometer 283, which examines public attitudes in the EU on issues such as entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education, risk-taking, start-ups, obstacles to entrepreneurship and business failures, comparing attitudes in EU countries with those in Croatia, Turkey, the US, Japan, South Korea and China: https://open-data.europa.eu/en/data/dataset/S765_283

Variable Information - About the business

Number of employees in business No
Legal status of business No
VAT registration status No
Annual turnover No
Type of business No
Number of clients No
Home based No
Home-based measurement 1
Survey Response items 1
Home-based measurement 2
Survey Response items 2

Variable Information - About the owner

Self employed Yes
Employee director Yes
Employs others No
Subcontractor No