General Lifestyle Survey (GLS)

General Information

Data type Survey data
Country Great Britain
Years 1971-2011
Data depositor Office for National Statistics. Social and Vital Statistics Division
Principal investigator Office for National Statistics. Social and Vital Statistics Division
Analysis unit Individuals and households -People aged 16 years and over and household members
Spatial unit CountriesGovernment Office RegionsStandard Statistical Regions
Sampling method Stratified sample (see General Lifestyle Survey Sample Design and Response 2011)
Data collection method Telephone interview, Face-to-face interview
Weight Yes
Access UK Data Service: Special Access
Reference number GN 33090, 33403
Cost No
Available documentation
Notes Formerly the 'General Household Survey'. Collects information on businesses run by those in surveyed households, including whether they employ employees, with the first category of number of employees employed being 1-10, therefore allowing for identification of individuals running micro-businesses, possibly from home.

Variable Information - About the business

Number of employees in business Yes
Legal status of business No
VAT registration status No
Annual turnover No
Type of business Not specified
Number of clients No
Home based No
Home-based measurement 1
Survey Response items 1
Home-based measurement 2
Survey Response items 2

Variable Information - About the owner

Self employed Yes
Employee director Yes
Employs others Yes
Subcontractor Yes