The Northern Ireland Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES)

General Information

Data type Survey data
Country Northern Ireland
Years 2010-present
Data depositor Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Principal investigator NISRA Department of Finance and Personnel
Analysis unit A statutory enquiry of employers in Northern Ireland, carried out biennially under the Statistics of Trade and Employment (Northern Ireland)
Spatial unit District Council Area
Sampling method
Data collection method Postal survey
Reference number
Cost No
Available documentation
Notes VAT and/or PAYE registered businesses, so likely to contain few micro-businesses.

Variable Information - About the business

Number of employees in business Yes
Legal status of business No
VAT registration status Yes
Annual turnover No
Type of business Registered
Number of clients No
Home based No
Home-based measurement 1
Survey Response items 1
Home-based measurement 2
Survey Response items 2

Variable Information - About the owner

Self employed No
Employee director No
Employs others No
Subcontractor No