The Quarterly Survey of Small Business in Britain

General Information

Data type Survey data
Country Great Britain
Years 1984-present
Data depositor The Open University Business School
Principal investigator The Open University Business School
Analysis unit Small and medium-sized firms drawn from a large telephone omnibus survey and a parallel online survey
Spatial unit
Sampling method Stratified sampling, partially random but but also seeks to retain respondents over the longer term
Data collection method Telephone interview, online survey
Reference number
Available documentation
Notes A quarterly survey monitoring small business attitudes and performance including micro-businesses. Each quarterly report represents the views and experiences of more than 1,000 owners and managers. The data is gathered from a national structured sample, conducted by telephone, and through a parallel online survey.

Variable Information - About the business

Number of employees in business Yes
Legal status of business Yes
VAT registration status No
Annual turnover Yes
Type of business Not specified
Number of clients No
Home based Yes
Home-based measurement 1 Yes; No
Survey Response items 1 Is your business based at home and primarily operated from your home?
Home-based measurement 2 [free text]
Survey Response items 2 What encouraged you to base your business at home?

Variable Information - About the owner

Self employed No
Employee director No
Employs others No
Subcontractor No