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This directory contains UK data sources that include information on micro entrepreneurs, microbusinesses or self-employment. Find out more about the Directory of Micro Data Sources.

In addition to the datasets that can be searched for through this section of the portal, the UK’s Office for National Statistics also provides the Virtual Microdata Laboratory (VML). The VML provides access to the microdata used to produce many of ONS’ aggregate datasets.

Researchers researching microbusiness may find accessing some of the VML’s micro-datasets particularly useful, since it allows for, for example, the creation of control groups against which to compare microbusinesses with other types of business, or with each other. For example, the Business Structure Database microdata can be accessed through the VML and contains some microbusinesses, albeit the bulk of the businesses included are those registered for VAT, which many microbusinesses will not be.

Information regarding the Virtual Microdata Laboratory can be found by visiting relevant pages on ONS’ website.

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Study / Data source title Data type Years Principal investigator Analysis unit More...
Social Capital and Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) PerformanceSurvey data2000-2002Cooke, P.N., Cardiff University. Centre for Advanced Studies, Clifton, N.C., Cardiff University. Centre for Advanced StudiesSmall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in the UK, with under 200 employees, during 2000-2002. Respondents were predominantly owner-managers.More...