A capabilities approach to sustainable household livelihoods

  • E. Oughton and J. Wheelock (2003). Review of Social Economy, 1-22+130
  • Abstract: The aim of this article is to build a framework with which to compare the reality of household livelihoods and the models put forward by economists and policy makers. It applies Sen's framework of human flourishing to a real world situation with a view to developing the understanding of the relationships between household livelihoods and individual well being. In undertaking this, it contributes to the advancement of the capability approach. The article explores the institutional elements that embed individuals in the wider social relations of household, gender and economy in order to clarify the links between household endowments and individual flourishing. It tests and explores this framework through application to an analysis of microbusiness households in the rural north of England, where insecurity is almost invariably associated with running a business. The conclusions argue that it is impossible to understand the microbusiness enterprise as separate from the household within which it is located, and discuss the implications of this analysis for policy making.
  • Theme: Household/Family businesses, Networks/Collaboration
  • Keywords: Economics of insecurity, Household livelihoods, Policy models, Small business, Well being/flourishing
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: United Kingdom, Europe, Global North
  • Quality:
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