A survey and empirical study of employee satisfaction in growing small and micro businesses

  • O. Y. Z. An and T. H. Fang (2012). 2012 2nd International Conference on Business Computing and Global Informatization, BCGIN 2012, 34-38
  • Abstract: This paper, on the basis of the previous studies and the features of the growing small and micro businesses, presents the evaluation index system of employee satisfaction in these types of companies. It uses an anonymous questionnaire survey approach to survey the enterprise employee satisfaction, and adopts the AHP-Fuzzy method to get statistical analysis on samples, drawing an integrated staff satisfaction of 3.19 points in the growing small and micro businesses, namely "almost satisfaction", in which the "work group satisfaction" ranks the highest score (4.016 points), and the "job reward satisfaction" the lowest (2.571 points). In addition, using the same method to classify and calculate the employee satisfaction, it finds that in the employee age category, staff satisfaction of 30-year-old or over is the highest (3.451), In the light of the working seniority in the enterprise, namely the length of service category, the satisfaction of employees working 2-3 years in the company is the lowest(2.501), according to the staff qualifications category, the satisfaction of employees with lower College education is the lowest (2.932), in family status category, unmarried staff satisfaction is the lowest (2.941), according to the position in hierarchy category, general staff satisfaction is the lowest (2.901 points). 2012 IEEE.
  • Theme: Perceptions and attitudes
  • Keywords: Analytic hierarchy process, Employee satisfaction, Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, small and micro businesses, AHP-FUZZY method, College education, Empirical studies, Evaluation index system, Hierarchy category, Length of service, Micro-business, Questionnaire surveys, Workgroups, Industry, Surveys
  • Reference type: Conference Proceedings
  • Geographic location: China, Asia, Global South
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