Attracting micro-enterprises to learning: Community initiatives or growth incentives?

  • L. M. Martin and A. Halstead (2004). Community, Work and Family, 29-42
  • Abstract: Micro-enterprises, i.e. firms with less than 10 employees, are traditionally the hardest to engage in learning; they are also least likely to participate in such measures as business advice and guidance provision and initiatives to support information communication technology (ICT) adoption. Through a community-based initiative initially targeting parents (unemployed or employed) to participate in ICT, 30 micro-enterprises were attracted to learning for the first time. These companies had carefully avoided similar initiatives taking place locally, which emphasized business success and growth; they had only participated in this ICT skills training because of their children. The paper takes a case study approach to evaluate the reasons for participation, explores barriers and implications for those organizing similar activities, and calls for a more holistic view of owners and managers of small firms as fathers, mothers, etc. rather than just as 'entrepreneurs'. 2004 Taylor & Francis Ltd.
  • Theme: Community, Education/training/learning
  • Keywords: Digital divide, Family, Growth, ICT, Learning, Small firms
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: United Kingdom, Europe, Global North
  • Quality:
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