Contemporary microenterprise: Concepts and cases

  • J. M. S. Munoz (2010). Contemporary Microenterprise: Concepts and Cases (Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.)
  • Abstract: While there have been numerous books and articles written on the popular topic of 'microfinance', few books have been written on the business model behind it: the 'microenterprise'. Due to its diversity of thought and high quality of chapter contributions, this book is poised to be the book on 'microenterprises'. Contemporary Microenterprise is a collage of the latest research and viewpoints on the subject by recognized academics and experts from around the globe. Joseph Mark S. Munoz 2010 Chapter 7: Sacha Rawlence 2010. All rights reserved.
  • Theme: Microbusiness profiles
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  • Reference type: Book
  • Geographic location: International
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