Descriptive analysis of failure processes in microenterprises through multivariate techniques

  • J. P. Campillo, G. L. Serer and E. V. Ferrer (2010). Revista Europea de Direccion y Economia de la Empresa, 47-66
  • Abstract: This study proposes five models based on the techique of logistic regression for the prediction of bankruptcy designed from a sample of 176 microenterprises collected from several productions areas. The financial ratios profitability and debt are the most important. The classification obtained with these models is significant for each of the five years before the date of the business failure. This study adds empirical evidence to this investigation field, the financial information provided by this range of enterprises is useful to predict business failure.
  • Theme: Growth and performance
  • Keywords: Bankruptcy, Business failure, Financial ratios, Logit, Micro business, Prediction
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Spain, Europe, Global North
  • Quality:
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