Digital Capabilities in SMEs: Evidence Review and Re-survey of 2014 Small Business Survey respondents

  • Baker, G., Lomax, S.,(BMG) and Braidford, P., Allinson, G., Houston, M. (PRG) (2015). (BIS UK Government ), 1-82
  • Abstract: The digital economy is increasingly important to the UK economy; an intrinsic element of the government’s vision for a competitive UK information economy is for all UK businesses and organisations, particularly SMEs, to confidently use technology, trade online and increase revenues in domestic and international markets. Many SMEs are not making the most of the opportunities open to them by the internet. This report examines the support available, the digital capabilities of SMEs, and the challenges to using the internet more effectively.
  • Theme: Digital Capabilities
  • Keywords: SMEs; Digital Capabilities
  • Reference type: Report
  • Geographic location: England
  • Quality: Government Report
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