Employment options for low-income women: Microenterprise versus the labor market

  • C. K. Sanders (2004). Social Work Research, 83-92
  • Abstract: This study builds on research that examines the effects of microenterprise on poor women in the United States. Household income, income from the business, and poverty status were examined over time and comparisons were drawn among three groups of women: low-income women who participated in one of seven U.S. microenterprise assistance programs; low-income self-employed women not attached to microenterprise assistance programs; and low-income women working but not self-employed. The findings cast doubt on the effectiveness of microenterprise assistance programs as an antipoverty strategy in the United States. However, women in the three groups moved out of poverty at the same rate. Policy, program, and practice implications are discussed. 2004, National Association of Social Workers, Inc.
  • Theme: Women/Gender
  • Keywords: Employment, Low income, Microenterprise, Poverty, Program evaluation, Women
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: United States, North America, Global North
  • Quality:
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