Entrepreneurship and leadership: Case studies of female micro-business owners in Hong Kong

  • C. W. Ng and E. G. H. Ng (2007). Asian Journal of Women's Studies, 52-73
  • Abstract: It has been proposed that women view their businesses as a cooperative network of relationships rather than a separate economic entity and they integrate business into life, rather than life into business. We conducted three case studies of female micro-business owners in the services sector in Hong Kong, and found that the "integrated view" model explains not only their definitions of success, but their networking and leadership styles as well. All three dimensions were influenced by their perception of a quality life and by the importance they placed on their relationships with customers, staff, business associates, friends and family. We also found that leadership is paramount to business survival and success. Our informants aimed at repeated business dealings and referrals from satisfied customers. By investing in their employees and motivating them to provide high quality goods and services, they were able to delegate work and thus give themselves more time for their multi-farious interests. 2007 Asian Center for Women's Studies; Ewha Womans University Press.
  • Theme: Women/Gender
  • Keywords: Female micro-business owners, Hong Kong, Integrated view, Leadership, Women and entrepreneurship, Work-life balance
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Hong Kong, Asia, Global North
  • Quality:
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