Factors affecting environmental behavior in micro-enterprises: Laundry and motor vehicle repair firms in Jerusalem

  • D. F. Mir and E. Feitelson (2007). International Small Business Journal, 383-415
  • Abstract: The study assesses conditions and variables affecting environmental behavior in small service family firms, and questions the relevance of SME and small business studies for micro-enterprises. All Jerusalem laundry (61) and motor vehicle repair (46) firms were surveyed, because of their aggregate environmental impact, spatial distribution, and literature on intervention programs. A key finding was the lack of correlation between environmental awareness and action. However, despite limited social and government pressure and support services, traditional micro-enterprises undertook significant environmental actions when feasible, almost regardless of owner attributes or motivations. Micro-enterprises responded selectively to non-environmental government agencies in frequent contact. Market opportunities include contractual relationships with large companies requiring professional (hence environmental) standards, and new efficient or environmental equipment and products. There was little or no market pressure and few niche markets. Firms that adopted environmental measures returned to illegal practices when environmental agencies withdrew subsidies. Copyright 2007 SAGE Publications.
  • Theme: Behaviour / Strategy, Green/Environment
  • Keywords: Environmental behavior, Family business, Jerusalem, Micro-enterprise, Small business firm
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Jerusalem, Asia, Global South
  • Quality:
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