Food knowhow and entrepreneurial dynamics of rural women. Case study in the Peloponnese (Greece)

  • T. Anthopoulou (2008). Cahiers Agricultures, 577-581
  • Abstract: In recent years we have observed the flourishing of small enterprises run by women in rural areas in Greece specialised in traditional agrofood production in response to the rising market demand for food quality and safety. These initiatives are a response to the crisis in the agricultural sector and the need for rural women to attain a socioprofessional status outside the household. In this paper we analyse, through a local survey of rural women-entrepreneurs in the Peloponnese region (74 specific questionnaires), their profile and motivations as well as the dynamics of intra-professional cooperation with a view to territorial synergies. The findings underline the fact that these micro-enterprises mobilise local resources (agricultural raw materials, recipes, labour force, etc), fulfil women's expectations and familial plans but do not lead to territorial synergies due to the absence of collective actions to manage and promote traditional food knowhow of the local product.
  • Theme: Rural, Women/Gender
  • Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Foods, Greece, Know-how, Role of women, Rural development
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Greece, Global North
  • Quality:
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