Gender impact assessment in microfinance and microenterprise: why and how

  • S. Johnson (2000). Development in practice, 89-93
  • Abstract: This article discusses the reasons for conducting gender impact assessment in microfinance and microenterprise. Although women are increasingly being targeted in microfinance and microenterprise projects, this does not necessarily mean that gender relations are being taken into account. Rather, targeting women raises a host of questions about the context in which women are operating their businesses or handling finance. Assessing gender impact in microfinance and microenterprise can help answer the questions in order to understand whether women are able to use the services and make the anticipated improvements in their livelihoods. Moreover, several approaches are suggested: 1) establish a gender baseline; 2) consider the potential impacts of the project on gender relations; 3) establish the information and indicators required; and 4) collect and analyze the data using tools and techniques appropriate to the task. However, in the context of gender relations there remains much ground, which often cannot be openly discussed. The discussion of how people organize their financial and economic affairs inside the household is usually a delicate area. Hence, it is suggested that such matters should be handled very carefully and to consider the composition and dynamics of the research team itself.
  • Theme: Women/Gender
  • Keywords: article, Critique, Economic Factors, economics, evaluation, Financial Activities, financial management, Gender Issues, Gender Relations, human relation, Microeconomic Factors, Evaluation Studies, Interpersonal Relations
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: International
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