Global Entrepreneurship Monitor United Kingdom 2002

  • Harding, R. (2002). (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)
  • Abstract: The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) started in 1999. Now in its fourth year this worldwide project involves 120 researchers working in 37 countries. Taken together, the 37 countries that form the basis of GEM 2002 account for 92% of world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and two-thirds of the global population. In terms of sheer scale and scope GEM therefore constitutes the largest global research project in entrepreneurship currently being undertaken anywhere in the world. GEM defines entrepreneurship as: Any attempt at new business or new venture creation, such as self-employment, a new business organisation, or the expansion of an existing business by an individual, teams of individuals, or established businesses. GEM uses two methods to examine overall entrepreneurship: a telephone survey of the adult population and an interview and questionnaire survey of “experts” working daily as entrepreneurs, with entrepreneurs or for entrepreneurs. The GEM UK study is based on an adult population survey of 20,000 adults1 and is hence the largest single study of entrepreneurial activity in the world. 60 experts were surveyed and a focus group of entrepreneurs was held in July 2002. View external link »
  • Theme: Perceptions and attitudes
  • Keywords: entrepreneurial attitudes; entrepreneurial activity; entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Reference type: Report
  • Geographic location: United Kingdom
  • Quality: Annual Report by GEM using their own survey
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