Global Entrepreneurship Monitor United Kingdom 2009 Monitoring Report

  • Levie, J., Hart, M. (2009). (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)
  • Abstract: This report compares Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) measures of entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspiration in the UK with participating G7 countries and the large industrialized or industrializing countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China (“BRIC”). It also summarizes entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspiration within Government Official Regions of the UK and sets out the level of social entrepreneurial activity in the UK compared to other G7 and BRIC countries. The GEM UK team continues to maintain the harmonized, pooled database of almost 190,000 responses from individuals aged 18 to 64 for the period 2002 to 2009. Historical data for the UK in this report are based on this harmonized database. As a result, there may be small differences in point estimates of entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspiration in the UK between figures reported in previous years and those in this report. In addition, the reporting of some measures in the GEM Executive reports has evolved in recent years, and in the body of this report we display attitudinal measures that are harmonized with the 2008 GEM Executive Report and 2008 GEM UK Monitoring Report. Readers who wish to update time series data using older measures or that align with the 2009 GEM Global report are invited to consult Appendix 2, since some measures used in the 2009 GEM Global report have reverted to those used prior to 2008. View external link »
  • Theme: Perceptions and attitudes
  • Keywords: entrepreneurial attitudes; entrepreneurial activity; entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Reference type: Report
  • Geographic location: United Kingdom
  • Quality: Annual Report by GEM using their own survey
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