Global Entrepreneurship Monitor United Kingdom 2015 Report

  • Hart, M., Bonner, K., Levie, J. (2015). (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)
  • Abstract: In 2015, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research consortium tracked rates of entrepreneurship across multiple phases in 62 economies, making it the world’s most authoritative comparative study of entrepreneurial activity in the general adult population. In the UK in 2015, 9,405 adults aged 18 to 80 participated in the GEM survey. This monitoring report for the UK compares GEM measures of entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspirations in the UK, Germany and the United States. It also compares the results for the four home nations of the UK. View external link »
  • Theme: Perceptions and attitudes
  • Keywords: entrepreneurial attitudes; entrepreneurial activity; entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Reference type: Report
  • Geographic location: United Kingdom
  • Quality: Annual Report by GEM using their own survey
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