ICT development and small tourism enterprises in Europe

  • G. Evans, J. Bohrer and G. Richards (2000). Anatolia, 22-40
  • Abstract: Small tourism enterprises make-up a large element of the European tourism economy, notably in hospitality as well as in independent cultural and visitor attractions, travel agencies and tour guides. However, the opportunities and impacts arising from the development of Information Communications Technology (ICT) raise particular problems for the small firm which risks being bypassed in e-commerce and further disadvantaged in marketing and the customer inter-face. This paper discusses the findings of a comparative survey of ICT usage by over 800 SMTEs in three contrasting destination regions - London UK, the Aragon province in Spain and The Netherlands. Within the largely fragmented SMTE supply sectors and regions themselves, the approach to and adoption of ICT has been uneven, whilst the micro-enterprise also differs in its attitude towards ICT in contrast to the medium-sized firm, in some respects refuting the claim that SMEs are simply "lost in the electronic marketplace".
  • Theme: Technology
  • Keywords: E-commerce, ICT, Small and Medium-Sized Tourism Enterprises (SMTE), information technology, small and medium-sized enterprise, technological development, tourism development, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Europe, Global North
  • Quality:
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