Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Through Electronic Payments: The Case of Micro-Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Tanzania

  • D. R. Horne, D. Nickerson and M. DeFanti (2015). Journal of Marketing Channels (Routledge), 83-92
  • Abstract: Research suggests that one possible key to development may be the growth of micro-entrepreneurial firms. The current work suggests that improving supply chain efficiency may help these very small enterprises grow. Specifically, it examines the role played by the use of mobile payments to facilitate transactions with suppliers. The study contrasts Kenya, which has widespread adoption of mobile payments by both consumers and small business, with neighboring Tanzania, where adoption, although substantial, has occurred at a much slower rate and achieved far less penetration. Findings support the idea that positive business outcomes such as increased income and increased hiring are related to mobile payment usage. 2015, Copyright Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
  • Theme: Networks/Collaboration, Technology
  • Keywords: Africa, Kenya, M-PESA, micro-entrepreneurs, mobile payments, supply chain efficiency, Tanzania
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Kenya, Tanzania, Africa, Global South
  • Quality:
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