Knowledge collisions: Perspectives from community economic development practitioners working with women

  • M. Stratton and E. T. Jackson (2008). Learning through Community: Exploring Participatory Practices (Springer Netherlands), 117-142
  • Abstract: The concept of an interrelated world economy, generally termed globalization, has become an inevitable component of academic, media, government and everyday discussion. For developed countries such as Canada, this process of globalization supposedly moves our economy from a resource-manufacturing base towards one primarily concerned with knowledge production suitable to the new information age. In this new context, albeit with different interests and intents, academia, business, government, and lately, civil society, have increasingly focused on how and what people learn. Entrepreneurship and microenterprise have become catch words of this new economy. However, the ideology behind them often poses problems for those involved in community economic development (CED) and adult education, who insist on a component of social transformation as well as economic advancement. 2008 Springer Netherlands.
  • Theme: Community, Education/training/learning
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  • Reference type: Book Section
  • Geographic location: Canada, North AMerica, Global North
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