Low cost product development framework for micro sized enterprises: Some Indonesian evidence

  • M. Rakhmaniar and G. Yudoko (2014). International Journal of Economics and Management (Universita Putra Malaysia), 125-138
  • Abstract: As one of the key success of a business, improving new product development process is very important. Many studies discussed the product development process, but few focusing on how to develop a low cost product. In a high competition market where price is sensitive, like for micro businesses, low cost is essential. This study aims to propose a new framework of successful low cost new product development process for micro sized enterprises. The factors to be considered are product strategy in the plan/design phase, sourcing, supply, production, and distribution strategy. To give an in-depth and comprehensive overview about the process, this study uses multiple case study.
  • Theme: Business environment
  • Keywords: Low cost, Micro sized enterprise, Multiple case study, Product development
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: International
  • Quality:
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