Managing and training of human resources in hotel micro business, case study: Peja city

  • M. B. Dauti (2015). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences (Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research), 442-448
  • Abstract: Tourism presents very complex activity with social-economic character which has diverse importance in activities and economic branches that is very important activity in economy of our country, and on last years is becoming an important sector of economy. Development and quality is not possible without human resources. Main factors of success in tourism are human resources which through training get perfection and get qualified in the industry of tourism and hotels. To manage one hotel presents difficulty and different pleasure which should be balanced to achieve full service. A good managing is difficult to assess in short term since it has to go through a long process of the offering service, its consuming and at the end to listen to the opinion of clients for the offered service, their pleasures and disappointments. This project is based at the empiric data through questionnaires in which were surveyed micro business hotels. The aim of this project is to provide empiric proves regarding training of human resources in Kosova micro business. Data are collected surveying managers of business hospitality using closed questions and on likerts scale. Collected data show that managers of micro business hotels in our country are aware that training of human resources is important and completes the needs of one business, while on the other hand they do not apply greatly different trainings of human resources during their work activity on their business. 2015 Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research. All Rights Reserved.
  • Theme: Education/training/learning
  • Keywords: Hospitality, Managing, Micro-business, Tourism, Training
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Kosova, Europe, Global North
  • Quality:
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