Micro-business behavior patterns associated with components in a requirements approach

  • R. J. Macasaet, M. Noguera, M. L. Rodrguez, J. L. Garrido, S. Supakkul and L. Chung (2012). 2nd International Workshop on Experiences and Empirical Studies in Software Modelling, EESSMod 2012
  • Abstract: Micro-businesses are the smallest enterprises and since they come in large numbers and are greatly diversified, they become difficult to define and classify. Micro-businesses also have several resource restrictions. These ambiguities and constraints make software research and development difficult in the micro-business domain. Component-based development offers advantages for the software of micro-businesses. The reuse of components for common requirements minimizes resource consumption in their software projects. This paper provides a working definition for micro-businesses, observations of their behavior, working micro-business behavior patterns, and examples of real world applications on how the patterns help in software development through requirements. The micro-business behavior patterns are associated with components that will be used later on in the development of micro-business software systems. 2012 ACM.
  • Theme: Behaviour / Strategy
  • Keywords: behavior patterns, business process modeling, CBD, components, micro-businesses, non-functional requirements, requirements engineering, SMEs, Systems engineering, Computer software reusability
  • Reference type: Conference Proceedings
  • Geographic location: International
  • Quality:
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