Microenterprise policy in state governments in Venezuela: Falcon State case

  • C. E. Lpez Carrasco and H. C. Ochoa Henrquez (2001). Revista Venezolana de Gerencia, 120-142
  • Abstract: Sub-national support policies for microenterprise received little study in Venezuela. This paper explores support programs for microenterprise that were initiated in Falcon State in the decade of the nineties. The starting point is an analysis of the close relationship between economy and public administration, because of a complex process related to the autonomy of the latter. The principle results of the study reveal that: a) formally the programs focus on constituting a social productive policy and contemplate strategies for commercialization and even exportation, but in reality, these purposes are not considered, b) there is a clear orientation of policies in three programs that promote the new role of neo-liberal structuring on the part of the state, c) there is influence from international financing organisms and foreign financial strategies, d) there is a tendency to apply technocratic management models in the framework of populist bureaucratic resistance. The conclusions are that: 1) there is a tendency to support microenterprise under the criteria of a neo-liberal state, which is favored by international experiences and influences, but with limitations which are imposed by the state governors to maintain and increase their power, 2) There are no alternatives on the horizon in favor of integrated economic and social development, or the deepening of democracy which decentralizing discourse has tried to transmit, and 3) there is evidence of little effectiveness in the decade of the nineties in terms of policy change in sub-national political arenas, a situation which may take on more importance due to the emphasis in the new constitution of cooperatives in decentralization.
  • Theme: Policy/support programmes
  • Keywords: Decentralization, Falcon State, Microenterprises, State government, Sub-national public policy, Venezuela, microenterprise, neoliberalism, public administration
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Venezuela, South America, Global South
  • Quality:
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