Microenterprises in times of crisis: Analysis of the training, experience and innovation

  • S. Benito Hernndez and M. Platero Jaime (2012). REVESCO Revista de Estudios Cooperativos, 7-38
  • Abstract: Spain, as other countries like Greece, Portugal and Italy, is today one of the European countries with less economic growth forecasts and more unemployment of the European Union. Its companies, unlike the Nordic and Central European countries, are characterized by the prominence of small size companies with an average of 1-3 employees. These companies are currently characterized by the continued closure of their business and job losses. For this reason, this work aims to study how the economic crisis has affected micro-enterprises and what factors were decisive in their management. In particular we have studied the Spanish case, extrapolated to other Mediterranean countries, analyzing the variables: training, experience, age firm and innovation through an empirical study.
  • Theme: Education/training/learning, Growth and performance
  • Keywords: Economic crisis, Firm age, Innovation, Micro-enterprise, Training
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Spain, Europe, Global North
  • Quality:
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