Microfinance for microenterprise: The state of the art

  • M. Schreiner and J. Len (2002). Savings and Development, 329-354
  • Abstract: This paper summarizes the state of the art in the field of microfinance for microenterprise, with a focus on examples from Latin America. It reviews lessons learned and offers practical guidelines for donors who want to use their resources wisely. The chief role for donors is to speed the evolution of the types of financial institutions and the types of financial services that microenterprises find useful. This husbandry encompasses two broad areas of action: reconciling the goal of financial self-sustainability with the goal of outreach to the poor and encouraging experimentation with organizations and services.
  • Theme: Finance
  • Keywords: financial services, microenterprise, microfinance, Latin America
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: South America. Global South
  • Quality:
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