Missing research on small and microenterprise promotion programmes

  • T. Timberg (1992). Small Enterprise Development, 42-47
  • Abstract: There is much agreement on the importance of small and microenterprises in developing countries and this has led to research and the establishment of specialized programmes and institutions in this area. Certain issues still need more thought and research before policy is made. This article deals with four main problems requiring attention: savings-promotion, fraud, appropriate training, and promotion of medium-sized non-microenterprise. Although other disciplines have produced some solutions, these have not been readily adopted by the small industrial sector. -Author
  • Theme: Behaviour / Strategy
  • Keywords: developing country, enterprise promotion, fraud, industrial research, microenterprise, microenterprise promotion, research issue, savings promotion, small scale industry, training programme
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: Global South
  • Quality:
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