Policy framework for reorienting agricultural development

  • B. M. Desai (2002). Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1-21
  • Abstract: Public policies for developing any sector are by definition macro in nature. This is due to behaviour of intersectoral relationships. But they must also have a basis in the response of micro enterprises' behaviour. Indeed, integrating both the macro and micro behavioural relations is at the heart of making "efficient" public policies to develop the agricultural sector. Yet another aspect that needs consideration in conceptualising such policies is how to implement them. In other words, what is required is to also conceptualise management of implementation of these policies. I propose to discuss both these aspects of conceptualisation of public policies. But the latter (i.e., management) aspect will be dealt with more in macro or mega terms because of the scant literature that views it in this manner, besides its details must be left to the implementing agencies to achieve their autonomy that is accountable. My framework for conceptualising public policies for developing agriculture has following six elements: (1) Vision; (2) Mission; (3) Objectives; (4) Strategy; (5) Instruments; and (6) Organisation and Management. Each of these six elements will be discussed in the same sequence in which they are stated before concluding the address. I also propose to dwell on major options that the policy makers have for these six elements, besides suggesting my choice for them. In doing so I shall rely on the literature on agricultural and economic development that has emerged in the last five decades or so.
  • Theme: Policy/support programmes
  • Keywords: agricultural development, agricultural policy, policy analysis, policy making
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: India, Asia, Global North
  • Quality:
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