Rural transformation through micro-enterprises under group approach

  • P. Loganathan and R. Asokan (2007). Man in India, 363-370
  • Abstract: Transformation of the traditional rural economy is needed to be made to alleviate the poverty of the rural people. There have been lots of policy interventions from long time past for the diminution of poverty but the situation demands, as the authors think, a more integrated active-orientation to fight against the poverty. The paper concerned highlights the necessity of various micro enterprises which provide excellent opportunities in enhancing the steering processes of the various development endeavours. Through the presentation of a few conerate examples of the working of the micro enterprise sector in the rural settings an attempt has been made to highlight the total situation in a logical way. The various strategies for harnessing micro enterprise under group approach is the main thrust of this paper. Serials Publications.
  • Theme: Policy/support programmes, Rural
  • Keywords:
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: India, Asia, Global South
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