Self-employed workers: industrial relations and working conditions

  • Pedersini, R. & Coletto, D. (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions) (2010).
  • Abstract: This report presents an overview of industrial relations and employment and working conditions of self-employed workers in the 28 countries surveyed. It identies basic trends in self-employment, highlights issues concerning the definition of self-employment and offers an overview of the different national regulatory frameworks. It also examines the social security provisions for this category of workers, analyses the presence and regulation of 'economically dependent work', as well as the collective representation of self-employed workers.
  • Theme:
  • Keywords: Self-employement and socil security, regulation of economically dependent work, collective representation of self-employed workers, employment and working conditions of self-employed workers
  • Reference type: Report
  • Geographic location: Europe
  • Quality: Data sources: Eurostat
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