The internationalizing smaller craft firm: Insights from the marketing/entrepreneurship interface

  • I. Fillis (2004). International Small Business Journal, 57-82
  • Abstract: Craft sector analysis was carried out in order to determine the range of factors impinging upon domestic and export market behaviour. Existing craft sector research is practitioner specific, with little evidence of theoretical rigour. Internationalization theories are discussed, and the conclusion made that the majority of these frameworks fail to readily explain smaller firm internationalization behaviour generally and craft firm behaviour in particular. A pluralistic research methodology was followed. Quantitative results identified the majority of firms as micro-enterprises with those firms exhibiting entrepreneurial flair achieving significant amounts of turnover, despite severe resource constraints. The main export markets were European Union countries and North America. Combining the qualitative and quantitative results enabled profiling of craft firm types. Four orientations were uncovered: the entrepreneur, the idealist, the 'lifestyler' and the latecomer. Implications include promotion of the belief that the Marketing/Entrepreneurship interface paradigm provides additional understanding of smaller firm internationalization. International Small Business Journal Copyright 2004.
  • Theme: Growth and performance
  • Keywords: Craft, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Marketing, Micro-enterprise
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: International
  • Quality:
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