Tourism, business linkages and small enterprise development in South Africa

  • M. Kirsten and C. M. Rogerson (2002). Development Southern Africa, 29-60
  • Abstract: Although considerable attention is given to the prospects for developing small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) in South Africa's tourism economy, very little relevant research has been undertaken in this regard. In this article, the findings are presented from over 60 detailed interviews conducted with key enterprises and entrepreneurs involved in tourism, outsourcing and small enterprise development in South Africa. The aim is to examine opportunities for outsourcing and business linkage development in South Africa's tourism economy, and to investigate the difficulties that confront the tourism SMME economy through examining the status of business linkages between large tourism enterprises and SMMEs in South Africa. The South African research is located within the context of existing works on tourism and small enterprise development in developing countries.
  • Theme: Networks/Collaboration
  • Keywords: microenterprise, outsourcing, small and medium-sized enterprise, tourism development, South Africa
  • Reference type: Journal Article
  • Geographic location: South Africa, Africa, Global South
  • Quality:
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