Credit access, human capital and class structure mobility

Credit access, human capital and class structure mobility

Investigating the effect of microcredit on microenterprise income in Peninsular Malaysia

Microfinance in Russia: Broadening access to finance for micro and small entrepreneurs

The Microfinance Collateralized Debt Obligation: A Modern Robin Hood?

Crowd funding as a tool of business transformation to micro enterprises in India – A conceptual framework

Levels of empowerment: Marketers and microenterprise-lending NGOs in Apopa and Nejapa, El Salvador

Microfinance in times of crisis: The effects of competition, rising indebtedness, and economic crisis on repayment behavior

The microfinance schism

Data mining strategies and methods to develop microfinance market – Use case currency exchange

Making money, (re)making firms: Microbusiness financial networks in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

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