Salvation in a Start-up? The Origins and Nature of the Self-employment Boom

Salvation in a Start-up? The Origins and Nature of the Self-employment Boom

Microenterprise as an exit route from poverty: Recommendations for programs and policy makers

Microenterprise development programs in the United States and in the developing world

Microenterprise development, welfare reform, and the contradictions of new privatization

Microenterprise lending to female enterpreneurs: Sacrificing economic growth for poverty alleviation?

Microenterprise occupation and poverty reduction in microfinance programs: Evidence from Sri Lanka

Microenterprise Options for People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: An Outcome Evaluation

Microenterprise, Multinational Business Support, and Poverty Alleviation in South Africa’s Informal Economy

Nature of the expectation of formalization of marginal micro businesses in Mexico

Addressing poverty as risk for disease: Recommendations from CDC’s consultation on microenterprise as HIV prevention

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